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Squirt Splash Bobbers - Choose Color

  • $4.99


Colorful squirty bath toys are a fun and engaging addition to any baby’s bath time routine. These toys are designed to be easy for little hands to grasp and squeeze, making them perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. As babies grow and develop, they will love the challenge of trying to squirt water out of the toys themselves.

The colorful designs of these bath toys are sure to capture a baby’s attention, providing a fun distraction during bath time. With an assortment of 6 lovely designs, there is sure to be a toy that appeals to every baby’s individual preferences. These toys are also perfect for bobbing around in the water, adding an extra element of fun to bath time.

As babies transition into the toddler years, these bath toys will continue to provide entertainment and engagement. Toddlers will love the challenge of squirting water out of the toys themselves and using their imaginations to create games and stories during bath time.

Overall, bobber squirty bath toys are a versatile and entertaining toy that will provide joy and engagement from baby’s first bath through the toddler years. Their colorful designs and easy-to-squeeze shape make them a favorite among little ones, while their durability ensures that they will provide entertainment for bath times to come. These toys are sold individually, allowing parents to choose the design that is perfect for their little one.