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Farmyard Friends Puzzle

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Experience the fun of our delightful puzzle collection featuring farm animals. Engage in hours of educational and entertaining playtime with these charming characters. As your little puzzle solver completes the jigsaws, encourage them to identify and make the corresponding animal noises. This will help improve their vocabulary and recognition skills of the different animals.

  • Suitable for 1Y and above
  • Variety of Farm Animal Shapes: This puzzle set consists of ten jigsaw puzzles, each uniquely shaped as different farm animals, including a pig, chicken, cat, duck, sheep, mouse, cow, rabbit, goat, and horse.
  • Progressive Skill Levels: Tailored for beginners, the set allows children to start with smaller puzzles and gradually progress to larger ones, promoting skill development and confidence building.
  • Positive Learning Experience: As children complete the puzzles, they engage in problem-solving, witnessing the positive results of their efforts. This fosters confidence and prepares them for more challenging tasks in the future.
  • Skill Development through Play: Playing with puzzles promotes skill development, including pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving, offering a holistic learning experience.
  • Educational Farm Theme: Beyond the joy of assembling puzzles, this set introduces children to farm life, including various animals and the production of food. It provides a valuable learning opportunity while featuring fun and familiar farm characters.