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The Boy Whose Face Froze Like That

  • $17.99
An uplifting picture book stocked with a diverse cast of characters, The Boy Whose Face Froze Like That appeals to millennial parents looking for an easy-to-read story that has both a zany plot and a heartwarming message. Featuring striking full-colour illustrations, the book tells the story of Wendell, a well-behaved boy who one day decides to make a funny face in private, only to become the first kid in history whose face actually freezes "like that."

While the plot is full of absurd attempts to unfreeze Wendell's face, the poignant conclusion adds the perfect amount of depth to this silly story: hearing that his parents will always love and accept him is what finally unfreezes Wendell's face. This balance of the absurd and the meaningful will appeal to any parents hoping to teach their young child self-acceptance.