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Speedy Knots: Quick & Easy Ways to Master the Basics

  • $14.95
Little climbers, campers, sailors, and adventurers alike will become knot-tying pros with Speedy Knots.

This visual guide answers all of your knot-tying questions. Simple, straightforward language makes it easy to master the basics without getting tied up. Knot tying is a fundamental skill that will help your child through life’s adventures. Use these practical knots both indoors and out. Whether you’re going camping, fishing, or helping tie down a canoe, you’ll be able to choose the right knot for the job. This manual uses detailed, step-by-step illustrations and diagrams that make it easy to follow along. The unique format includes rope and offers a hands-on approach to learning so readers can practice each knot as they read the diagrams. Readers will master 24 essential knots, including the:

- Figure eight knot
- Crossing knot
- Trident loop
- Lobster buoy hitch
- Englishman’s loop
- Scaffold knot
- Slip knot
- Chain knot
- Running bowline
- Reef knot

With this guide, you will learn: how to choose, care for, and store your rope; when to use each knot; and how to tie knots safely and securely. Never get in a tangle again with 
Speedy Knots.