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Peritwinkle Slimy Elasti Plasti

  • $15.00

Expandifies 100x its size! Elasti Plasti™ Periwinkle is the brand new super soft plastic that expandifies, super stretches, bubbles and much more. Grab some friends and create a giant, thin plastic parachute. Elasti Plasti™ super stretches further than anything ever created and lets you blow giant bubbles 20x its size with a regular straw. With infinite play possibilities, Elasti Plasti™ expandifies the way your play!

Elasti Plasti™ makes super wacky, slappy, wobbly sounds when thrown or flopped on the floor! Drape it over objects and watch as it expandifies to completely cover them!

Elasti Plast™ is non-sticky and never dries out. It's gluten and phthalate free