• Care Bears Cheer Bear Cuddle Pal
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Care Bears Cheer Bear Cuddle Pal



Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip... what? We're cheering for Cheer Bear! We figure it's only fair as she seems to be cheering everyone else on most of the time. We're just going to take this moment to appreciate her, her joy, and how she usually manages to share that joy with others. If you know someone who could use a little cheering up, then maybe they need this Care Bears Cheer Bear Cuddle Pal Plush. This 20-inch long pillow is made from polyester and stuffed to fluffy perfection. It's in Cheer Bear's colors (a lovely carnation pink), and Cheer Bear's belly badge covers most of the pillow. Yay for rainbows! Yay for Cheer Bear! Hip hip...

        • $23.00