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Baby’s Classics - Dracula

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Take a first BITE out of gothic classics with this little book-perfect for little hands! When a mysterious client invites Jonathan Harker to Transylvania, the young realtor doesn't hesitate to travel to Count Dracula's spooky, crumbly castle. But the count has strange habits; he acts like a bat and tries to bite people. Can Jonathan and his fiancee Mina teach the creepy count how to make friends? Trade in horror for the most adorable Count Dracula ever seen in the creature's 125-year history! Introduce little readers to a take on Bram Stoker's gothic classic Dracula. With foil on the cover and engaging illustrations throughout, Baby's Classics: Dracula is a delightful addition to baby's first story time collection! It's never too early to introduce the littlest readers to the greatest stories. Written with baby in mind, this gothic retelling promises to delight parents and kids alike. From Starry Forest Books, Baby's Classics will delight your little one with the world's best stories. Collect them all!